Monday, 25 May 2009

Book worm

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Our Ikea bookcase

I spent my bank holiday sorting out our bookcase issue, which is why I was quiet on the posting front. This is our 3rd stab at getting some kind of shelving for our alcove in a desperate attempt to get rid of our Ikea bookcase! (the 2 previous attempts have been a disaster involving floating shelves that only take a flea’s weight and big holes in walls...) But inspiration struck us when we passed a Brooklyn thrift store. There on the pavement were some lovely Pepsi-cola crates and we thought these would make lovely shelving. So when we returned home we bought some crates off e-bay and one in Portobello market on Saturday and here are the after shots of what we created. We also bought some old wooden cog patterns, from an antique shop in NW8. These cog patterns came from a foundry in the North of England and were used for making the cast iron cogs much used in the late 19th and early 20th century - we thought they'd make lovely bookends.

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