Thursday, 21 May 2009

That’s quilly nice – Yulia Brodskaya

I always admire handcrafted pieces, and Yulia Brodskaya’s painstakingly intricate papergraphics definitely fall into this category. I first saw her stuff in the Guardian’s supplement, g2, at Christmas time and she’s been popping up everywhere since including this month’s Computer Arts magazine. She has mastered the quilling technique (an art form that uses strips of paper, wound round a quill – which create the basic coil shape. These coils can then be rolled, shaped and then glued to create decorative images) and taken it to a whole new dimension and then re-written the rules.

I have to say that I’ve never been much of a quilling fan but you cannot fault her work; from the cleanliness of the fonts to the finished quality, and knowing that a computer hasn’t even been involve; the outcome is just awe inspiring. Her style reminds me of Si Scott's (I will be posting about him soon) but on steroids!

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