Monday, 11 May 2009

Hello world!

Deciding on my first posting proved harder than I thought, and having just come back from New York I felt this would be a good starting point. This time round, I found myself to be more inspired by the city than ever, so inspired in fact that I want to share my findings and experiences with you as well as the daily inspirations that surround us. It’s so nice to step away from the tourism and sample a city in its real glory, so on that basis, for my first posting I thought I’d introduce you to two locals that I met in the East Village. Please meet the boys...
Seeing them made me laugh but I wasn’t expecting the old lady who came out of her apartment, and greeted them with her 40-a-day voice: “hell-aw bouys, how are you today? You look kinda funny to me” which has now become the subtitle to the picture whenever I see it or even think of them. She was a perfect likeness to the grumpy bookkeeper – Roz – from Monster’s Inc, with horned rimmed glasses and everything! It was as if I had stepped into a movie scene. I promise my next posting will be more sophisticated, but I just couldn't resist these two!

Thanks and please drop by again!

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