Sunday, 7 June 2009

Cakes & Ale Press - Jonny Hannah

Continuing with my cultured weekend, I went to see Jonny Hannah's Notes from McVouty exhibition at the Coningsby Gallery. I adore his surf shack chic look, it's just so bright and playful and makes you long for lazy summer days by the sea.

Most of his exhibited collections are from his Cakes & Ale Press and amongst the prints are odd objets d'art (such as scraps of wood, toy cars, bits of board...) that have been painted and inspired by 'McVouty's', the world famous second hand emporium which sadly shut up shop last month. Viewing his work on his website doesn't give his paintings, lino cuts and screen prints any justice. If you want a chance to see his work, the exhibition has been extended until this Wednesday (10th June) and I strongly recommend going.

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