Saturday, 20 June 2009

Hartley's Jam Factory

On Friday we were invited to a friends for dinner at The Jam Factory. Working in the London Bridge area I've heard about the historic factory many times and so I took the invite with much enthusiasm.

Hartley's jam factory was built in 1901 and can be found between London Bridge and the Old Kent Road. In 1999 plans were in place to convert the factory into live/work warehouse/loft spaces, mixing the old with the new. The site is an impressive 285,000 sq ft. The factory's blueprint lofts and penthouses were pre-designed by some of Britain's leading young architects, such as the likes of Ian Simpson, Maya Vuksa, Paul Daly, Azman Owens and Softroom.

The flats (some spanning two floors) are impressive and have been converted beautifully whilst still keeping lovely elements of what it used to be. I've always had a huge soft spot for any kind of conversion - whether it's a Victorian school; church; barn or factory the Jam Factory certainly didn't disappoint.

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