Thursday, 4 June 2009

Great Scott!

In April 2007 I was invited to Si Scott's private view "Ink & Lyrics" at the Coningsby Gallery. Up until that point I was dying to know what kind of guy creates the most beautiful, intricate hand drawn typographic mutations. And then I met him...I don't know what I was more surprised by; the fact that we recognised each other from Uni (we shared the same studio space at Uni for 2 years, but he was in the year above me) or the fact that he was a burly Leeds guy!

I had to ask how he created these seemingly perfect, controlled artworks in which he replied that he works at double size, of what he wants the finished image to be, and then scales it down to blend the nuances in the lines. His fusion of hand inked and penned typographic illustrations are inspired by his love of music. Keep up the good work Si!

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