Monday, 29 June 2009

Pen-Paper-Scissors at the V&A

My busy weekend started on Friday night when I went to support my man who was partaking in the Secret Wars live drawing battle at the V&A between the illustration agencies: Debut Art and Dutch Uncle.

Three illustrators from each agency went head to head against the clock (they had an hour) and could only use black pens to draw on the white boards. They also weren't allowed to prep beforehand. The illustrators were: Chris Price, Craig Ward and Serge Seidlitz from Debut Art (the board on the left) and Noma Bar, Dermot Flynn and Kustaa Saksi from Dutch Uncle.

I was of course biased, but the best team won, it was 3-0 to Debut (two judges votes plus the audiences). A good night was had by all. The rest of the weekend we spent painting, of a different kind...dreaded decorating!



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